"85 reasons to be thankful for librarians," and counting

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I found a fun page I’d like to pass along. It’s a semi-serious list of reasons not only¬†to be thankful for librarians, but to use the library. It also lists reasons to be grateful for all the print materials in the library, as well as the wealth of electronic information it offers.

I say semi-serious because of the tongue-in-cheek writing style and because while most of the reasons relate to the real services librarians offer, some don’t. No. 7, for example, is “‘Sexy Librarian’ is still a popular costume at Halloween.”

The list appears on a site devoted to college information, but most of the more serious points apply just as well to school libraries, public libraries, and probably at least some special libraries. As I write this post, the article has attracted 340 tweets and 32 comments. Some of the comments add more reasons, continuing the original numbering up to 101.

Perhaps one of the best things about the list is that whoever compiled it is clearly not a librarian. Some librarians expressed regret over entries mentioning spinsters or learning the Dewey Decimal system, but I think a vast majority of librarians appreciate the love more than they wince at some of the comments.

All in all, it’s great to see evidence that someone who is not a librarian loves libraries and librarians enough to take the effort to compile a list like this.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Manchester Library

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