Bargain books are worth the wait

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Bargain books are like movies in second run theaters. You saw all the reviews when it first came out. Your heard your friends talk about it. You knew you wanted to see it, but you waited. When you finally saw it, you saw the same movie. You sat in the same kind of room. You had the same choices at the snack bar. You had all the same amenities and experiences you would have had when theĀ  movie first came out, but the ticket was half price.

The best bargain books are like that. They come out to good reviews. They sell well. You hear about them from friends. A few decades ago, there was no reason to wait if you wanted to read it. Now there is. Because of a change in tax law, publishers can no longer keep even the best books in print for long. Eventually they have to sell thousands of copies to companies that deal in remainders or overstock and sell them for half price, or sometimes much less.

By remainders, I mean books that have gone out of print. The publisher will no longer print or sell them. Say you want a best selling biography. Within a few years after it comes out, you will no longer be able to find it in a bookstore’s biography section. If the bookstore continues to carry it at all, it will be jumbled with the rest of the remainders on the bargain book table.

So go online. Numerous companies specialize in selling remainders. They carry all the best bargain books and get super deals. You can search by author, title, category–in short, you can perform any search you would have done at the online stores that sold the book when it first came out. It will probably cost no more than half the list price. The discount may even be more than 80%.

You can find links to three book dealers from this page. Amazon sells new books (and much, much else), of course, but it also offers both new and used bargain books. Christian Book Distributors has its own bargain category, and the prices are incredibly low. BookCloseouts specializes in remainders, overstock, and closeouts. I have noticed that it nearly always has a better discount than the same title at Amazon. The discount makes bargain books worth the wait.

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