Librarians do . . .


Librarians do. . . all kinds of fun things!
Barbarian/Librarian Party

A couple of years ago a funny video made the rounds of library-oriented email lists. Students and faculty of the University of Washington Information School produced a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” The new words urged listeners to use library resources if they want to find information instead of becoming overwhelmed by search results.

I recently remembered it and wondered what other clever, entertaining videos other librarians have produced. A You Tube search turned up several, of course, but I found three videos with titles that start “Librarians do. . .” What a great set!

Why do librarians take all the time and effort to devise, rehearse, and produce these these elaborate parodies? Several answers immediately come to mind.

  • They can. Librarians come to the profession from a dizzying variety of backgrounds. In what other profession outside the entertainment industry itself could you find people with all the skills necessary to bring it off?
  • Librarians are very creative and fun-loving. That’s not their reputation. I noticed several made by people who seem to think that a librarian sits around reading books and telling people to be quiet One even featured an ill-mannered loudmouth with bad hair and unattractive clothes. If librarians make the videos themselves, they can portray themselves however they want.
  • Humorous videos can serve as a very effective marketing tool to attract people to come to their local library and get a library card or to encourage people more generally to take advantage of library services

So what do librarians do? Here are three answers.

Librarians Do Gaga

Librarians Do Taio Cruz

Librarians Do Train

Photo credit: Barbarian/Librarian Party, Some rights reserved by Glamour Schatz.

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