What do you think of this?

Can I bring off something neat I found on another blog? Can I write a blog that consists entirely of questions?

After all, aren’t librarians supposed to be good with questions? And don’t librarians and patrons ask each other questions in order to come up with the best answer for the patrons?

Since I know that some people come to this blog and spend a lot of time on each visit, are you one of them? If so, will you accept my sincere gratitude? If not, what would it take to make you a regular visitor?

What were you looking for today? Would you take a look at some of the other hundred or so posts on this blog to see what I offer?

Do you appreciate finding a blog written by a librarian to you even if you’re not a librarian or the patron of a specific library?

What is it that you find the most interesting to read? The posts on various things libraries do? The posts about librarians and library staff? The posts on how to get best use from the library? The tips on research and writing?

How can this blog be the most helpful to you in the future? Can you think of some other kind of content that would fit a librarian’s blog that I haven’t written?

Could you let your friends know that I’m here? Could you follow me on Twitter @allpurp0seguru? Did you notice the zero instead of the “o” or “O” in my Twitter account? Isn’t it astounding that there was already an account for “allpurposeguru,” but whomever beat me to such a great name disappeared from Twitter long before I got on?

Did you notice the incorrect use of “whomever”? If so, did you find it amusing or horrifying?

Did you know I write three other blogs? Did you know that I have a Facebook page where you can keep up with all of them and other projects as well?

Since one of my recent projects is compiling ebooks from my most successful blog posts, will you take a look at my Kindle library once I get some links in the sidebar? If a title is marked free for a while, will you download it?

Did you notice the link to Book Closeouts? Did you know that they have much better closeout prices than Amazon?

Do you think I enjoyed writing nothing but questions for a while? Did you find this post a refreshing change from what you usually read on the Internet? Will you be stealing the idea for your own blog some time?

Would you please write your thoughts about this blog and this post in the comment section?

Do I recall correctly that my closing question came at the end of The Beverly Hillbillies?

Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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