Book Lovers Rejoice! Fantastically Creative Ways To Display Your Treasures

Guest post by Paul Moore

Since the dawn of the digital age, tangible books have been slowly disappearing. Remember those books that you hold in your hand, with pages that crinkle a little when you turn them, that smell slightly old and musty and … intelligent? Kindles and iPads and even audio books have started to replace our familiar, old hard-covered, yellow-paged friends.

1459071392_54f76dbab2_z But for those of us who still cling to our books and feel a certain amount of satisfaction in perusing the many different titles in all their unique sizes, shapes and colors can rejoice! The web is full of unique and colorful ways to display your collection. Check out these ideas for using home decor to showcase your personal library.


Tree-themed Bookshelves


What could be more appropriate than paying homage to the tree, the source of paper, when it comes to storing books? Take a look at some of these tree-inspired bookshelves. Ranging from whimsical to modern to downright funky, these shelves store books right on their branches. You can purchase a tree bookshelf or take on the challenge of building your own.





Fireplace Storage

Furniture Decor Fireplace

No book burning here! This suggestion for showcasing books is great for those with unused fireplaces. It’s a visually striking way to show off a great collection of tomes.








Ceiling Border

Tear down that outdated wallpaper 4538167544_85bab59fdd_zborder near the ceiling and replace it with books! A bookshelf that lines the perimeter of the room is easy to install and makes efficient use of space that often gets overlooked. This technique is especially useful for smaller homes and apartments where storage space is at a premium.



Framed Bookshelves

If you’re hankering for a DIY project, try figuring out how to make these fabulous framed bookshelves a reality.


Ladder Bookcase

Pile of Books

Looking for a unique spin on a traditional wall bookcase? Try stacking your books on a decorative or rustic ladder that leans against the wall. Ladder bookcases can be purchased or created from repurposed ladders for a more vintage look.




Hanging Books

Floating bookshelves such as these are pretty cool, but you can take is a step further with hanging books and really liven things up.

It may seem cruel at first, but take one look at this unusual book rack we saw on Etsy and you’ll surely agree: hanging books are enchantingly quaint. Another hanging book arrangement idea uses traditional bookshelves with a unique twist.

Stair Storage


Don’t have any bookshelves on hand? Not to worry — the odds are that your home has a built-in bookshelf that just has yet to be realized: your staircase! Stack books off to the side against the wall, where they won’t be walking hazards but will be on display to anyone who passes by.



Repurposed China Hutch

If you have a china hutch but are ready to get rid of Grandma’s china, think twice before selling off the hutch at the same time. A china cabinet can be repurposed into great place to show off your book collection. Just make sure to think of an explanation before Grandma comes over for a visit.

Just for Fun

These waves of shelves are a breathtaking way to display the treasures that carry you over paths and journeys. Customize them as far as is necessary to fit your very own nooks and crannies in the places you snuggle into.

Paul Moore is often found pondering the intricacies of home presentation and decor, working both in real estate and in corporate housing with Bakken Residence Suites.

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Book fire in the fireplace
Book shelf
PLASTOLUX “keep it modern” » A modern staircase, storage solution and playroom - Marc Koehler outdoor wicker is a favorite of ours! So is this find by kvng.



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