Write Good Online Content and Reuse It (Without Making It Dizzy)

ebook coverYou can get my latest ebook, Write Good Online Content and Reuse It (Without Making It Dizzy), free for the next five days (May 29 through June 2, 2013). If you’re reading this post after that time is over, it costs only $2.99.

My regular readers know that I am a stickler for proper word usage, good grammar and correct spelling. While all good writing requires clarity, reading online is enough different from print that writers must achieve clarity a little differently.

Writers of print content seek a publisher, who handles all of the marketing and distribution of its books, magazines, newspapers, professional journals, etc. Online writers are their own publishers. Connecting with readers entails, among other things, repurposing content to post it in more than one place.

It’s one thing to take a piece of prose and make, say, a video from it. It’s quite another to find a new home for it as prose. Search engines actively punish duplicate content. Authors can still publish basically the same ideas on multiple sites, but each version must be unique.

Software exists that will “spin” an article and produce any number of copies that are not exactly alike. Just as an electric dryer spins clothing, and sometimes winds up mashing it all together so that it gets all wrinkled, word spinners can do horrible things to a piece of prose. Good writing goes in. A dizzy mess stumbles out.

If you are a writer, or if you are interested in the differences you see between what you read online and offline, or if you just appreciate me and want to help me out, please download the book now. And then, if you like it, write a review on Amazon to tell the rest of the world how fun and informative it is.

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