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Librarians do. . . all kinds of fun things!
Barbarian/Librarian Party

As much as I would love to post here every week, it hasn’t been possible. I have managed only once so far this month. Today’s post is scheduled for Christmas Day, which means you’re probably reading it later.

You are used to going to librarians to ask questions. This time, the librarian (that’s me) has a question for you. It’s at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a compilation of earlier posts about librarians and library staff, only one of which has anything to do with Christmas at all. If you’re really looking for fresh, Christmas-related content, be sure to catch the post on Musicology for Everyone about Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols This year is the centennial of Britten’s birth.

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Librarians at work

  • library catalogers

    Catalogers at work

    The librarian’s job Maybe the old stereotype of a librarian as woman with bad hair and an aversion to conversation is dead, but lots of people still don’t get what a librarian does.

  • Helping the reference librarian help you Librarians conduct a “reference interview” to learn what you need to know. Knowing what they will ask and how to answer will help both of you get to your answer.
  • Reference librarians reach out Reference librarians don’t just sit at a desk waiting for patrons to come to them. They also have all kinds of ways to reach out to patrons, both high and low tech.
  • Circ staff: the most visible people at the library You might not see catalogers, administrators, etc. at the library. Some don’t have reference desks any more. But you will see the circ staff. Get to know them.
  • Catalogers: the invisible librarians Catalogers aren’t really invisible. They just work outside the public eye. Their work is vital to library services, and very visible to the public.
  • Library staff: the paraprofessional Gone are the days when only librarians and clerks worked in libraries. Highly skilled paraprofessionals take on critical responsibilities in every department.

The librarian left the building

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Librarians at play

The request

Are you a librarian or a frequent library user? I would love to publish guest posts here.

So far as I know, Reading, Writing, Research is the only blog by a librarian that is not aimed either at other librarians or the patrons of a specific library. If something is happening in your library that you want the general public to know about, let me be your soapbox!

If you have something to write, let’s correspond. Write to me at

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Photo credits:
Barbarian librarian. Some rights reserved by Glamour Schatz.
Catalogers at work. Some rights reserved by sundaykofax.
Bookmobile. Some rights reserved by Loyola Marymount University Library.
NUC Christmas tree foundation. Some rights reserved by Monterey Public Library.

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