government websites you should know

Nothing, they say, is inevitable except death and taxes. Tax season is upon us. Preparing federal taxes can be complicated. So this installment of my series on government websites you should know is devoted to, a helpful source of official information. It is well organized and easy to use––unlike the tax code. Besides English, the site is available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese.   … Continue reading Government websites you should know

Have you ever looked for health-related information on the web? Most people do, either for their own health or for someone they love. Government information often does not appear on the first page of search results. Therefore, few people think of it or know where to look for it. is an award-winning site for the general public dedicated to prevention and wellness. … Continue reading

A new President and the End of Term Web Archive

Preservation of online information presents a very difficult problem in general. Federal government websites are especially vulnerable at the end of a presidential term. The End of Term Web Archive has preserved a snapshot of them since 2008. I have seen web posts that speak of a frantic effort to preserve government information. They attribute it to fear of the incoming Trump administration. Don’t believe such mindless hysteria. Regardless of who won the election, the End of Term Web Archive team would be hard at work. Even when a President is reelected, turnover in the cabinet and at other agencies can … Continue reading

Travel information: government websites you should know

It’s election season. Want to get away? The federal government can help. Really! Government websites offer a great deal of travel information. They won’t book your flight or find a hotel, but some of them can suggest great travel locations. They’ll give you safety tips and help you decide what to do if something goes wrong. Do you have a 4th-grader? The feds offer a special deal to save you money—and maybe your sanity in years to come. Read on. … Continue reading

Recalls: Government websites you should know

It seems like the news constantly brings word of new recalls. Sometimes it’s cars. Sometimes it’s food. Sometimes it’s toys. There seems to be no limit to what can get recalled. What are we supposed to do, besides wait for the random news story, to keep up with them all? Six government agencies have collaborated on a site for you to find information, report dangerous products, or just find safety tips. It’s called, logically enough, … Continue reading