What do you think of this?

Can I bring off something neat I found on another blog? Can I write a blog that consists entirely of questions? After all, aren’t librarians supposed to be good with questions? And don’t librarians and patrons ask each other questions in order to come up with the best answer for the patrons? Since I know that some people come to this blog and spend a lot of time on each visit, are you one of them? If so, will you accept my sincere gratitude? If not, what would it take to make you a regular visitor? What were you looking … Continue reading

Help me help the needy all over the world

With the ads and affiliate links on my blogs, it’s no secret that I intend to make money from them. To that end, I read quite a bit on advice on blogging. Saturday, a post caught my eye that suggested a means of using blogs to give to various causes. As a Christian, I believe in tithing to the Lord, so I found that post so exciting that I dropped all of my other plans to follow through on it. That explains why I didn’t update any of my blogs today, even though I had not managed to update all … Continue reading

The family that sings together clings together

One family of my acquaintance never took vacations. They never did much of anything else together. The children never became involved in after-school activities. They did not develop common interests at home. Now that they’re grown, holidays are times of tension. It’s as if they gather together because families always gather together on holidays, but no one really seems to enjoy each other’s company and no one really seems to know what to talk about orĀ  how to fill the time. I know another family with two grown brothers living in the same suburb. Both were musicians, and one played … Continue reading