Brother, can you spare a digm?

Oh come on. You know what a digm is. You probably have at least one in your pocket. It’s worth ten cents. It’s time for a paradime shift! Here are some sentences full of rhyming words that decided to trade endings. How quickly can you read them? Did Herman really bict his neighbor’s ear? A jury mite indight him. She was aglough that her boe had lots of deau, but full of wow when she saw he was sough shalloe. … Continue reading

Encouraging college students to use the library

Classes have started at colleges and universities. Some time at the beginning of every term, academic librarians conduct tours of the library and visit classes to offer library instruction. Or perhaps meet them in the library’s own classrooms. What are they trying to accomplish?¬†What happens when they don’t get through to students? The results can be comical. They also help perpetuate a cycle of ignorance. After all, some students who never catch on graduate anyway. And some of them wind up teaching somewhere. … Continue reading

Yeah, you can use my catalog: don’t forget the databases

In this blog I have tried in a number of different ways to explain and promote the uses of online library catalogs and other databases. Students and faculty at the University of Washington iSchool decided to promote their catalog a la Lady Gaga.   Librarians have been sharing the video among themselves. Since The All-Purpose Guru hopes to reach out to library users and potential library users–and since that was the whole point of creating it in the first place–I offer it to my readers, librarians or not! Enjoy. … Continue reading