Libraries and social media

A majority of libraries have gotten into social media, some in a big way. I don’t mean simply that many librarians have their own blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages. Many libraries–even small ones– also have blogs and pages. An overwhelming majority of library administrators see social media as important tools for marketing the library and its services. Many in the current generation of young adults consider email antiquated. Libraries or any other institutions that want to stay in touch with them must use newer forms of communication. It’s not just young people who use social media. In 2008, 9% … Continue reading

Libraries offer support in technology

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The cycle from unconceived to visionary, the latest new thing on the market, standard, old-fashioned, obsolete, and eventually unavailable has never been faster. Where better than the library to keep track of everything? Libraries are early adopters of technology. They make the new technology available for free to the general public, and librarians teach patrons to use it. Libraries also hang on to old technology, because as the world at large moves on to the next new thing, the old content does not necessarily move with it. New technology There may be nothing … Continue reading