A new President and the End of Term Web Archive

Preservation of online information presents a very difficult problem in general. Federal government websites are especially vulnerable at the end of a presidential term. The End of Term Web Archive has preserved a snapshot of them since 2008. I have seen web posts that speak of a frantic effort to preserve government information. They attribute it to¬†fear of the incoming Trump administration. Don’t believe such mindless hysteria. Regardless of who won the election, the End of Term Web Archive team would be hard at work. Even when a President is reelected, turnover in the cabinet and at other agencies can … Continue reading

Digitizing old books

Not everything is available for free on the Internet. Once upon a time, the list of material not available for free on the Internet included almost every book ever published. The problem was that unless a book or other printed format was either currently in print or available in multiple libraries, it wasn’t conveniently available to much of anyone at all. Now, many libraries and archives are digitizing their collections. Not only old books, but old pamphlets, sheet music, maps, manuscripts, etc. have become more accessible than ever before. … Continue reading

Damaged books and how libraries fix them

What have you done when you have torn the page of a book you want to keep? My guess is you have repaired it with tape. If you have used cellophane tape, you have soon been disappointed. It dried out and pulls away from the book, exposing the tear. Only now it has kind of a burn mark where the tape used to be. Or have you tried to fix a book cover with tape. If it’s a hard cover book, the tape only leaves a residue of the glue when it eventually peels off. Libraries have lots of books … Continue reading