WorldCat’s mapFAST mobile service

Librarians know about a company called OCLC because most libraries of any size are members. You may not know much about OCLC, but I hope you know about its major service for the general public, WorldCat. If you don’t, you can look at my post about WorldCat from a couple of years ago. Search engines depend on keywords. Sometimes it’s necessary to try a number of keywords before the search engines will return anything like what you’re looking for. Library catalogs offer more sophisticated search options based on controlled vocabulary. Geographic place names can offer special difficulties in searching. A … Continue reading

In a Library Near You? Check WorldCat

Suppose you want to read a particular book, but you don’t want to buy your own copy. Or perhaps the book is out of print, and you can’t find a copy to buy. Obviously, look for it at the library. You can look at your local library’s catalog online, but it will not necessarily have what you are looking for, limited budgets and all. Without trying to identify and search other nearby libraries, how can you locate your title? A company that almost all libraries use one way or another offers a service to the public called WorldCat. In a … Continue reading